Unlocking The Truth, playing today, tomorrow in Hartford and the Tuesday show in Pittsburgh, gotta check them out. Here’s video of them performing in Times Square


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I don’t know if it’s real or not, but I want to believe it.

I want to believe it with all my heart.

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Yo no buscaba ser alguien más, pero cuando me hablaste de tu amor por el Sol, felíz de la vida me hubiera cubierto en llamas para captar tu mirada.

"You say it like it is a bad thing; that I’m in love with your best friend. That’s when I started thinking that maybe I was wrong for not being corresponded and this love that was so pure once suddenly became shameful. Tainted. I never thought that I could feel so guilty about adoring someone so much.  Love is not a thing to be ashamed of; if you’re not proud of it I don’t know what you’re feeling.

Things just got so tangled up and I couldn’t get unraveled. When I think we’re good without talking he comes back and that’s when I think we can be friends. When I think we’re good as friends I always want more, then I regret the things I do and go back to think we’re better not talking. We both played each other and now I’m accepting that I lost the game. Please don’t laugh. I know I’m fucked. He fucked me. Multiple times. Call me a slut for settling down for your best friend. I still think he is worthy. The things I want I never stop wanting them.  In my way of not asking so much I didn’t know I was asking so little and giving too much. I shouldn’t have open up so much; I should have kept my mouth shut. I fucked up. I was so ashamed to tell him that I’m so sad that he doesn’t want me the way I do that it makes me mad. I was embarrassed to say: ‘’I love you and you don’t feel the same. That’s what makes me mad.’’ That’s my deal. I choose to tell him something that embarrassed me less.”

This. This is… something, really.
I don’t even know how this all came to be, but, reading this makes me feel like I’ve known this story for years.

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14. Men with facial hair have something to hide.

Do we, really, though?

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this is making me so mad

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